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Blooming Amaranth


A spectacular flowering tea with a bright display of marigold, globe amaranth and jasmine blooms above a bed of green tea. Brews a smooth, bold cup with subtle floral notes.


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Blooming Amaranth is what is known as a blooming or flowering tea.  It begins as a bulb and unfurls in your cup to reveal a beautiful array of tea leaves linked with flower blossoms.  Each blooming tea is hand tied and individually crafted.  This artisan tea is easy to steep and ideal for entertaining.

Many of our customers first taste this tea at BT, a popular French/Vietnamese fusion restaurant in South Tampa.  BT carries several of our teas, but this one practically creates a stampede to our doorstep.

This tea is meant to be put on display and ought to be steeped in a glass tea pot for all to enjoy.  One bloom is enough to prepare 24-32 oz of tea (3-4 cups).

 Amaranth blossoms are known for their longevity.  In fact, they take their name from the Greek word meaning “unwithering”. John Milton wrote of the amaranth in his epic “Paradise Lost”, calling it “immortal”.

Blooming Amaranth pairs beautifully with Asian food, particularly Vietnamese.   It works especially well with fish, but also chicken and duck.

We recommend steeping Blooming Amaranth for 4-5 minutes at 195°.  You needn’t worry about over steeping it like you might other green teas.  It needs time to open up and is thoughtfully made using a more forgiving variety of green tea less prone to bitterness.


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