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May 28, 2018
Earl Grey
May 28, 2018

Earl Grey Lavender

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A modern twist on a classic favorite. Earl Grey Lavender is the first tea blend our owner, Abigail StClair, ever created, and it remains one of our bestselling teas.

Traditional Organic Earl Grey tea infused with organic lavender and jasmine. The subtle floral notes add a hint of sophistication, making this black tea truly unforgettable. Our proprietary blend uses USDA Organic ingredients.

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In our shop we often prepare Earl Grey Lavender in a specialty beverage we call a Lavender Fog. We steep the tea in a combination of steamed milk and water with a little vanilla and some unrefined cane sugar.  Our customers just cannot get enough of it. At their request, we created a ‘Do It Yourself” kit for making the perfect Lavender Fog at home, complete with TeBella’s signature recipe. You can find it here.

Our Earl Grey Lavender is created using an Organic black tea base. Black tea is what most Westerners associate with traditional tea.  It comes from the same tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) as all other forms of tea; however, unlike any other type, it is fully oxidized.  Shortly after harvest the tea leaves are rolled to release the enzymes present in the leaf that trigger oxidation. After oxidation is complete, the leaves are dried and then sorted. Black teas produce a darker liquor than white, green or oolong teas and a bolder, more assertive flavor.

Earl Grey Lavender is one of the teas we served First Lady Michelle Obama and her guests during a visit to Tampa in 2011.

We love Earl Grey Lavender so much that we pair it with absolutely everything, but it goes particularly well with chocolate, creme brulee and lemonade (yes, lemonade–you’ve never had an Arnold Palmer like this before).

We recommend steeping Earl Grey Lavender for 3 minutes at 195°.

Ingredients: Black tea, lavender, jasmine, flavoring (bergamot, lavender).


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1 review for Earl Grey Lavender

  1. velveyy

    This tea is amazing especially if you add milk to it.

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Earl Grey Lavender
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