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May 29, 2018
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May 29, 2018

Matcha Whisk and Whisk Stand Set


Bamboo whisks are the traditional mixing tool of choice when making Matcha. Before you use your bamboo whisk for the first time, dip the ends of the whisk in hot water. This will cause the ends to unfurl into their full length.

When you mix Matcha with a bamboo whisk, do so vigorously and avoid a circular whisking motion; instead, make a “W” pattern with your wrist. This method will create a frothy brew speckled with tiny bubbles on the surface, and is used in Japanese tea ceremonies when preparing a thinner type of Matcha drink known as Usucha.

The other traditional method of preparing Matcha is Koicha, a drink that is whisked in a slower and deliberate way as to produce a thick blend with no froth.


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Matcha Whisk and Whisk Stand Set
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