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May 3, 2019
An Ji Bai Cha (Rare Tea)
May 9, 2019

Meng Ding Yellow Bud (Rare Tea)


One of China’s most famous yellow teas, originating from the Meng Ding Mountain in Sichuan Province. Made from the youngest spring buds picked early in the harvest season.

Yellow tea is a complex tea; the production process is slow and laborious, and involves repeatedly alternating between frying the leaves and wrapping them in thick yellow paper to slowly steam and lightly oxidized for hours, until the leaves turn from green to a light yellow color.

The result is a fragrant, warm brew that is nutty with notes of honey. There is a touch of raspberry in the finish. It calls to mind gentle sunlight coming through gauzy curtains, and the first warm day of spring.


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This tea is part of our Rare Tea Collection, which is a rotating selection of high end, hard to source teas. We have limited quantities of each tea, and most are only available seasonally. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, unless next season’s harvest is too good to pass up.

About Yellow Tea

The traditional process to create Meng Ding Yellow Bud is very involved: it starts with drying the tea leaves to remove moisture, frying them lightly in a small wok, and then further manipulating the leaves (pushing, squeezing) to maintain their needle-like shape. Manipulating the leaves also serves to remove slightly more moisture. The leaves are then wrapped in cloth or a thick yellow paper for hours (anywhere from 5-20 hours), and during that time the tea master will open up the packet, mixing the leaves around to redistribute the heat, and allow the leaves to lightly oxidize in a uniform fashion. After several hours, the process of frying and then wrapping the leaves is repeated again, this time for a shorter amount of time. The leaves are fried one more time after this, then left to breathe for about 36 hours. A final light roasting of the leaves completes the process. By the end of this cycle, most of the moisture is removed from the leaves. Throughout this slow, steady, process the leaves change from green to yellow.

While yellow teas have been produced for hundreds of years, they are becoming increasingly rare and expensive. They are experiencing a revival in popularity, but they are extremely labor intensive to produce, and there are few tea masters left with the knowledge and skillset to produce yellow teas.


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