Tea 101: Back to Basics
February 14, 2019

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re still on the lookout for unique gift ideas, we’ve got you covered!  We have something for everyone, from the most ardent tea lover to the casual Earl Grey drinker. Listed below are a variety of our very favorite tea and tea-adjacent gifts.

For the those just dipping their toes into tea waters: The Getting Started Kit, $49.95

The Getting Started Kit is the gateway gift that many of our regular customers swear by for converting friends and family into tea lovers. 

In this kit, we provide everything you need to turn a kitchen into a mini tea bar—in the words of the illustrious Ina Garten: how bad can that be?! This kit includes: a Smart Tea Steeper, a Perfect Tea Spoon, a tin of our German Rock Sugar, and four 2oz tins of our best-selling blends: White Coconut Dulce, Blueberry Pomegranate Green, Earl Grey Lavender, and Carrot Cake Rooibos. 

If you’re shopping for a tea lover who is not new to tea but is new to TeBella, we also offer a variety of tea samplers sans steeper. 

For the jet-setting tea lover: TeBella x Tumi Travel Tea Kit, $135-$150

If you’re a loose tea lover, you know the struggle of finding quality tea outside of your daily routine. Bagged tea simply won’t do once you’ve grown accustomed to the good stuff.

When traveling, I always crave creature comforts, especially in the morning. How does one start their day without a piping hot cup of Darjeeling with milk? I refuse to find out. 

For this reason, we’ve created our custom Tumi Travel Tea Kit. No more storing your loose tea in Ziploc bags and hoping TSA doesn’t get weird about it! This sturdy tea kit comes in two different colors: Black and Earl Grey. Each Travel Tea Kit contains 4 tins of our best selling blends and all the accoutrements you need to make the perfect cup of tea anywhere: a TSA-approved 2oz squeeze bottle of local honey, a tin of sugar, a timer, a teaspoon, and 25 paper tea filters. 

Check out the Travel Tea Kit now to learn how you can further customize it to make the perfect tea kit!

For the home mixologist: Tea-Infused Cocktail Kits

Shopping for someone who loves playing bartender? You will definitely want to check out our tea-infused cocktail kits! We have kits for our most popular recipes available, which include everything you’ll need to make a tea-infused cocktail recipe (just add booze!). 

Side note: we also have a variety of tea cocktail recipes available on our blog if you want to experiment with crafting your own tea-infused cocktails for any holiday parties you may be hosting this year (our Jasmine 75 makes a great New Year’s cocktail, just sayin’).

For the Matcha lover: Iced Matcha Shaker ($25) + Matcha: A Lifestyle Guide ($25)

We have an entire section devoted to Matcha on our website! We know Matcha drinkers take their favorite green drink very seriously–everyone has their preferred method of preparation, and it’s important to have the right tool for the job. From our Matcha Ceremonial Kit to our Iced Matcha Shaker, we can provide the goods needed for every tier of Matcha obsession.

Right now, we are very into pairing the Iced Matcha Shaker with Matcha: A Lifestyle Guide for a well-rounded Matcha gift. This shaker has a mesh sieve in between the two halves of the shaker, with means no powdery clumps in your iced Matcha! It’s the easiest way to prepare iced Matcha lattes, in our opinion. Matcha: A Lifestyle Guide also includes a variety of interesting Matcha recipes that are quite fun to experiment with at home.

For the tea latte lover: Caso Milk Frother, $74.95

Tea latte (and fog!) lovers are in luck, because we have all the fixins to help you set up a full service tea bar at home.

First thing’s first: a milk frother. We just started carrying this beautiful Caso Milk Frother. It heats milk quickly, and whips up a beautiful layer of foam to top off your specialty drinks. 

If you prefer to heat your milk on the stove top, we also offer a handheld milk frother that you can use with heated milk. 

As for tea, we sell a variety of kits to make your favorite TeBella Tea specialty drinks at home, like our Salted Caramel Latte, Lavender Fog, and our seasonal favorite, the Peppermint Bark Fog.  

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide
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