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Charleston Chai

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A modern alternative to traditional chai. The addition of lemongrass, coconut and candied pineapple lend a hint of sweetness, making our exotic, caffeine-free variety an instant favorite.

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A modern alternative to traditional chai.  The addition of lemongrass, coconut and candied pineapple lend a hint of sweetness, making our exotic, caffeine-free variety an instant favorite. For an even sweeter treat, add a touch of honey and a splash of milk.  The result is completely irresistible.

In India and many other parts of the world the word “chai” simply means tea.  Elsewhere, the term chai has come to represent a genre of teas that share several ingredients in common, such as: cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and red peppercorns.  Our Charleston Chai contains each of these spices, but has a bit of a tropical flair thanks to the addition of coconut, pineapple and lemongrass. For a more traditional chai try our Masala Chai.  For a chai with an extra energy boost try our roasted Mate Chai.

Herbal infusions like our Charleston Chai are so named because they do not actually contain any portion of the tea plant.  Calling them a tea would, in the strictest sense, be a misnomer.  They are made up of fruits, herbs, spices and botanicals, but no actual tea.  It is the absence of the tea plant that allows them to be naturally caffeine free.  Herbal infusions can also be called tisanes.

Today, people who sell or serve tea in India are referred to as Chai-wallas [chai-wah-lahs].  The term originated as slang as a reference to turn of the century teetotalers  in the Indian Army. Charleston Chai is the perfect choice for pairing with Thai food, particularly dishes made with yellow curry like Massaman Curry.

We recommend steeping Charleston Chai for 5 minutes at 208°. Since Charleston Chai contains no actual tea it is more forgiving and difficult to over-steep.

Ingredients: cinnamon, lemon grass, coconut chips, pineapple bits (sugar dusting), ginger bits (sugar dusting), cardamom, cloves, red peppercorn, bruised pepper, flavoring.


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2 reviews for Charleston Chai

  1. RAlessi

    I bought this because it physically resembles a much mourned loss, the Samurai Chai Mate of Teavanna fame. Honestly, it’s been three years since I’ve had Samurai Chai Mate, so I don’t remember the exact flavor, but this is close enough to make me happy. The lemongrass makes it so spicy and delicious. Also, Charleston Chai is fun and wildly different from other teas, even rooibos. Thanks for filling the empty spot in my pantry.


    This is a very good tea. Chais are generally my favourite. The only critical remark I have is that the lemongrass is stronger than I’d like. Otherwise, it’s a very good brew, and made even better with a splash of unsweetened coconut milk.

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Charleston Chai
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