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SMEG Milk Frother


Love our London Fog? You can make it at home in minutes with the help of the SMEG Milk frother! Designed with SMEG’s iconic retro flair, this versatile milk frother is sleek, quiet, and efficient. It can prep hot or cold froth for specialty drinks, or heat milk without creating froth.

The 6 pre-set heating functions also allow you to heat milk to various degrees and level of froth–for the perfect fog, hot chocolate, cappuccino, or whatever drink you fancy!

If you’re a Matcha drinker, you can also mix water and Matcha powder in your frother for extremely easy drink prep.

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  • Ideal for making tea fogs, lattes, or prepping Matcha at home. Can also be used for making cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and more…
  • Perfect froth—hot or cold–every time
  • 6 pre-set programs for various froth capabilities, as well as a manual function option
  • Can also use to heat milk without froth. Varying whisk attachments for heating milk vs. frothing milk.
  • Uses induction heating method
  • Lid features an integrated, removable measuring cup


  • Detachable stainless steal jug is dishwasher safe
  • Capacity: can heat up to 20 fl oz liquid, and prepare 8.5 fl oz froth
SMEG Frother Colors

Black, Cream


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