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Chocolate Pu-erh


Premium raw cacao nibs introduce a hint of sweetness to the traditional earthy flavor of this quality pu-erh.

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Pu-erhs, pronounced “POOH-airs”, are Chinese teas that are fully oxidized before being allowed to age.  Unlike other types of tea, which are hurried from harvest to market, pu-erhs are intentionally aged after production.  The aging process can last anywhere from twelve months to fifty years, during which time the leaves begin to ferment.   The oxidation process that black teas and oolong teas go through during their manufacture is often mistakenly referred to as fermentation, but in fact, pu-erhs are the only teas that actually experience fermentation.  It is this fermentation process that gives pu-erhs their unusual earthy, musky characteristic.  Pu-erhs are typically very bold, full bodied teas.

Pu-erhs belong in a category of post-oxidized teas called dark teas. True Pu-erhs come from Pu-erh, China. There are two types of Pu-Erhs: Sheng and Shou.  Sheng Pu-erhs (also known as raw Pu-erhs) are actually aged; whereas, Shou Pu-erhs are baked to simulate the aging process.  Both successfully undergo a fermentation process.

Pu-erhs are often considered an acquired taste; however, once acquired, a life-long passion often takes hold.  The Chinese have long believed that pu-erhs have slimming qualities, adding to their popularity. Enjoy a little healthy decadence with our Chocolate Pu-Erh by drinking it with fresh cut strawberries.  Chocolate Pu-Erh also pairs well with fried foods and chocolate desserts.

We recommend steeping Chocolate Pu-erh for 3 minutes at 195°.  Some find that rinsing the leaves with boiling water for 10-15 seconds prior to the first steep helps awaken a pu-erh’s more complex flavors.  Pu-erhs can be steeped multiple times so make sure that you are getting at least two to three infusions out of these leaves.


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Chocolate Pu-erh
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