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Wicked Crème


This unusual blend beautifully balances sweet notes of butter cream with fiery notes of cumin, coriander and pink peppercorn, proving once and for all that opposites definitely do attract. Contains Nuts (pistachio and almond)

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This is one of those teas that you just have to try.  It is certainly not for everyone, but it has a very dedicated following, partiuclarly among those who are looking for an alternative to chai. We love it as an afternoon tea! Try it with a few drops of our Savannah Bee Company tea honey.

Wicked Crème makes a great fog, our name for a tea steeped in half milk, half water, sweetened with vanilla and sugar. We’ve even been known to add a little bourbon or brandy…

Wicked Crème makes a great afternoon tea.  Try it with scones and clotted cream or short bread cookies. It also works well over breakfast with biscuits and gravy.

Black tea is what most Westerners associate with traditional tea.  It comes from the same tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) as all other forms of tea; however, unlike any other type, it is fully oxidized.  Shortly after harvest the tea leaves are rolled to release the enzymes present in the leaf that trigger oxidation. After oxidation is complete, the leaves are dried and then sorted. Black teas produce a darker liquor than white, green or oolong teas and a bolder, more assertive flavor.

Black tea is produced in nearly all major tea growing regions throughout the world and is one of the most commonly consumed types of tea.

We recommend steeping Wicked Crème for 3 minutes at 195°.

Ingredients: Black tea, pistachios, cumin, almonds, coriander, pink peppercorns and flavoring. Contains Nuts.


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Wicked Crème
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