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May 28, 2018
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Dragon Well

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Also known as Lung Ching or Longjing, Dragon Well is one of China’s best known green teas. It is characterized by its long, flat leaf and vegetal aroma and prized for its smooth, well balanced flavor. Our premium Dragon Well from China’s Anhui province is no exception, exhibiting a toasted chestnut flavor complimented by a bittersweet finish. Pan fried.

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Green teas all share one important characteristic-they are never allowed to oxidize.  This is the primary trait that distinguishes green teas from other types of teas and it is achieved by heating the leaf soon after it is harvested.  The method of heat used plays an important role in determining the tea’s overall character.  Our Dragon Well is pan fried, giving it a subtle toasted flavor.

Dragon Well is one of China’s most famous teas and a popular favorite amongst the Chinese people.  It was originally cultivated in the town of Hangzhou in the West Lake Region of Zhejiang; however, it is now grown in many regions throughout China, including the Anhui province. Anhui’s temperate climate and high mountain peaks are ideal for the production of exceptional quality teas.

Dragon Well harvest begins in April and lasts for several weeks.  Tea made from the first three days’ pluck is never sold commercially, but is given to government officials. The tea is classified into 7 (sometimes 8) grades.

Try pairing Dragon Well with Chinese food (particularly dishes featuring chicken or seafood), steamed vegetables or grilled tuna. Dragon Well also pairs beautifully with cheese. Try serving it with a slightly sharp gouda (like Dorothea Gout Gouda) or a nice gruyere (like Vieux de Cru).

We recommend steeping Dragon Well for 1-2 minutes at 175°. Pay careful attention to your steeping time and water temperature.  Over-steeping Dragon Well could result in a harsh, bitter flavor.

Ingredients: Green tea.


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  1. Amber

    Simular in flavor to genmaicha, pretty toasty.

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