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Georgia Peach


Premium organic white tea flavored with essence of peach and a hint of citrus. It is so simple and yet so refreshing.

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We drink a lot of this tea iced and our staff loves mixing it with our Blueberry Mountain Sunrise.

Georgia Peach is created using white tea as its base. White teas consist of only the rare, delicate buds of the tea plant or just the bud and the first two leaves.  They offer a soft, subtle flavor profile that is often quite complex and naturally sweet due to the high concentration of nutrients, particularly glucose, often present in the bud.

White tea differs from various other types of tea in that it is less processed.  It comes from the same Camellia Sinensis plant as all other tea; however, the leaves are not manipulated to encourage oxidation (as with oolongs and black teas), nor are they heated to prevent oxidation (as with green teas).  White tea is simply withered to remove the moisture from the leaves and then dried to remove any remaining humidity not eliminated during the withering process.  Loose leaf white tea represents tea in its most natural, unaltered state.

Georgia Peach is a perfect choice for a summer picnic or porch style buffet lunch.  Serve it iced with fried chicken or chicken salad sandwiches.

  • A delicious source of antioxidants & low in caffeine
  • May support healthy skin & complexion
  • Promotes detoxification & body hydration

We recommend steeping Georgia Peach for 3 minutes at 175°.

Ingredients:White tea leaves, flavoring,Osmanthusflowers, jasmine flowers


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Georgia Peach
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