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Raspberry Green


A flavorful blend of lush organic green tea and succulent raspberries. Rosehips and essence of pomegranate add a bit of zest for an even more vibrant infusion.

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The American public seems to have a love affair with raspberry flavored iced tea—at least that seems to be our experience.  Raspberry is perhaps our most commonly requested flavor for iced tea and our Raspberry Green never disappoints. It is deliciously bold and refreshing as an iced tea, but it also makes a lovely hot tea.

Green teas have received a lot of attention lately due to the fact that they contain significant quantities of EGCG, a powerful antioxidant often linked to weight loss, prevention and management of diabetes and improved dental health.  Green teas have also been studied in conjunction with cancer prevention, increased lifespan, stress management, treatment of depression and lower blood pressure levels.  The results are incredibly promising; yet, much of the research is still very new and more studies are necessary before any significant conclusions can be drawn.

 Rosehip is generally quite acidic and does not pair well with milk. In fact, teas containing rosehip usually cause milk to curdle, much like lemon juice would.  Raspberry Green, however, takes milk well if you are so inclined. The ratio of rosehip to tea is low enough to maintain a higher pH level, which allows the milk proteins to remain in suspension.

Raspberry Green pairs well chicken or fish (particularly when prepared with a light lemon sauce), salads with a citrus vinaigrette or lemon cake. Try mixing it with our Lemon Sencha to create a rejuvenating Raspberry Lemon iced tea.

We recommend steeping Raspberry Green for 1-2 minutes at 180°. Be careful not to over-steep it as it becomes bitter quickly if steeped for too long or using water that is too hot.

Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic rosehips, organic raspberries, flavoring.


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Raspberry Green
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