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May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018

Peach Aurora


A hand-crafted blooming tea made from premium white tea, flavored with essence of peach and a hint of blueberry. When steeped, the leaves dramatically unfold to reveal a glowing ring of jasmine flowers above a pink amaranth blossom. Truly a work of art, this tea will delight even the most cynical tea enthusiast and is perfect for entertaining.

Blooming teas begin as a bulb and unfurl in your cup to reveal a beautiful array of tea leaves linked with flower blossoms.  Each blooming tea is hand tied and individually crafted.  Easy to use and ideal for entertaining, these artisan teas are best displayed in heat resistant glass cups or teapots.

Peach Aurora is crafted using pure, premium white tea. White tea differs from various other types of tea in that it is less processed.  It comes from the same Camellia Sinensis plant as all other tea; however, the leaves are not manipulated to encourage oxidation (as with oolongs and black teas), nor are they heated to prevent oxidation (as with green teas).  White tea is simply withered to remove the moisture from the leaves and then dried to remove any remaining humidity not eliminated during the withering process.  Loose leaf white tea represents tea in its most natural, unaltered state.

Although tea is thought to have been discovered as early as 2737 BC, white teas have only been cultivated for the last 200 years.  Once grown exclusively in China’s Fujian Province, white teas have recently become so popular that they are now produced throughout China and many other noteworthy tea growing regions of the world.

The subtleties of white tea can often be overpowered when paired with heavy foods. Try pairing Peach Aurora with lighter dishes seasoned with lemon, cinnamon, or black pepper.

We recommend steeping Peach Aurora for 5 minutes at 195°.  You needn’t worry about over steeping it like you might other white teas.  It needs time to open up and is thoughtfully made using a more forgiving variety of white tea less prone to bitterness.

This tea is meant to be put on display and ought to be steeped in a glass tea pot for all to enjoy.  One bloom is enough to prepare 16-24 oz of tea (2-3 cups).

Ingredients: White tea, amaranth, jasmine, flavoring.


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Peach Aurora
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