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Strawberry Mango

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Bursting with flavor, this popular mix of black and green teas has a sweet strawberry note with a strong mango finish.

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This tea tastes every bit as good as it sounds and it is one of our most popular iced teas.

Though our Strawberry Mango contains a blend of both black and green teas, the black tea is the dominant tea flavor.  The green tea adds just a hint of sweetness. Try serving Strawberry Mango iced with a tropical fruit salad.  It also pairs well with Southern food like barbecue or hush puppies.

Black tea and green tea are made from the exact same plant: Camellia Sinensis, also known as the tea plant.  The difference is in how they are processed.  Black teas are fully oxidized; whereas, green teas are prevented from ever oxidizing.  Black teas are encouraged to oxidize by means of a rolling process that releases the leaf’s enzymes and brings them into contact with the air.  Green tea is heated shortly after harvest to kill these enzymes, thus preventing oxidation.  What seems like a subtle difference in manufacturing technique produces wildly different results.

We recommend steeping Strawberry Mango for 3 minutes at 195°.

Ingredients: Black tea, green tea, candied pineapple bits, candied papaya bits, flavoring, sunflower blossoms, strawberry bits.


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3 reviews for Strawberry Mango

  1. Velvet Escobar

    This tea smells AMAZING!! however, when it brewed, it was not what I anticipated for my palate. It has more of an earthly taste to it.

  2. ffroemming (verified owner)

    This tea is our FAVORITE flavor from TeBella! We brew it and then serve it iced. It is so refreshing for our hot FL days. We can never keep enough in the house. Just wish you had a local retail place in our area (Orlando) so we could just pop in and pick it up when we need it. Thanks for all of your amazing tea flavors!

  3. Jen (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite teas, please get this back in stock!

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Strawberry Mango
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