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May 28, 2018
May 28, 2018

Jasmine Pearl

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This tea is created using premium green tea from China’s Fujian Province. The tea is hand rolled and then scented repeatedly with fresh jasmine blossoms in accordance with a technique that is over 900 years old. The process is extremely labor intensive, yielding a heady, intense aroma and a flavor that is smooth and elegant.

Rolling the tea by hand requires a great deal of skill and each worker produces, on average, only 3.5 ounces of pearls in an hour’s time.  The pearls are then scented using close to four pounds of fresh jasmine blossoms for every pound of tea.  The blossoms are then carefully removed, leaving behind their enchanting aroma.

 There are lots of fake imitation Jasmine Pearls on the market of much lower quality. Premium Jasmine Pearls are unmistakable in their elegance and smooth, gentle flavor. Jasmine Pearls are also known as Jasmine Dragon Pearls.

Jasmine Pearls mix well with our Silver Needle or our Blueberry Mountain Sunrise to create wonderful hot or iced tea blends.

Jasmine teas also pair well with poultry, seafood (particularly lobster), Chinese food and lemongrass.  We did a tea and cheese pairing at our Davis Islands location and paired Jasmine Pearls with a young goat cheese (Fleur Verte) rolled in tarragon.  It was divine.

We recommend steeping Jasmine Pearls for 2 minutes at 175°.

Ingredients: Green tea and jasmine.


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1 review for Jasmine Pearl

  1. Sara LaRock

    My all time FAV tea.. I have not gotten tired of drinking this specific tea – for several years now! I switched from my go to Black Marsala Chai as I was having digestive issues. The green teas are ‘better for you’ they say and I have no problems with bloated belly anymore – so there is something to it, at least for me personally. I add honey sometimes.. otherwise, it’s perfect on it’s own. I run mine thru several servings in a classic tea strainer you put on top of your cup to drain. I end up Drinking at least 3 large cups daily, so the quality/depth is there with this one! It’d better be as it’s a pricey tea.

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Jasmine Pearl
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