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Turmeric Ginger

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Notes of fresh, zesty ginger dominate this uniquely sweet and spicy herbal infusion that also includes orange peel, turmeric, licorice root and lemongrass. Remarkably well balanced, bold and refreshing, this organic blend is a must try.

We like to sweeten our ginger teas with honey instead of sugar.  Honey provides a nice contrast to the sharpness offered by the ginger, especially when it’s paired with turmeric.  Try our Ginger Turmeric with Savannah Bee Company’s tea honey.

Both ginger and turmeric are often associated with a myriad of health properties.  Many cultures use ginger to treat headaches, cold and flu symptoms, nausea, pain and inflammation, heartburn and menstrual cramps.  Turmeric has been utilized for hundreds of years to treat pain and inflammation and to ease digestion and it has recently been studied as a preventative for Alzheimer’s disease.

We have several customers who drink our Ginger Turmeric to help minimize the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Herbal infusions like our Ginger Turmeric are so named because they do not actually contain any portion of the tea plant.  Calling them a tea would, in the strictest sense, be a misnomer.  They are made up of fruits, herbs, spices and botanicals, but no actual tea.  It is the absence of the tea plant that allows them to be naturally caffeine free.  Herbal infusions can also be called tisanes.

Our Ginger Turmeric pairs well with spicy ethnic cuisines like Indian or Thai. Both ginger and turmeric are members of the same plant family-Zingiberaceae.

We recommend steeping Ginger Turmeric for 4-5 minutes at 208°. The licorice root becomes more pronounced the longer you steep this blend.  If you like the flavor of licorice root, steep Ginger Turmeric for a full five minutes.  If you prefer to give the licorice root a more subtle presence, limit your steeping time to only four minutes.

Ingredients: Ginger, orange peel, licorice root, lemongrass, turmeric and essential oil of lemon.


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3 reviews for Turmeric Ginger

  1. Kelsey Parnell

    I love tea, but I never had a favorite tea until I tried this one. My partner got it as a gift from a friend & told me I just had to try it. I instantly fell in love. We are now on our second 16oz bag! haha, I’m sure the other teas are wonderful—& I would absolutely love to try them—but I know I’m going to end up continuing to buy this one. Thanks so much for making the tea that will always remind me of cold winter nights in my & my partner’s first house together.

  2. Terrissa

    I love drinking tea. I’ve tried so many turmeric ginger teas and none of them have been as aromatic and flavorful as this one. If you buy this, you will never want store bought tea again, I promise! It’s worth it.

  3. Linda seegers (verified owner)

    A tea I was gifted but have bought in bulk ever since. It is amazing and I add convita manuka honey from new zealand. Everyone who tries is asks where I get it. Thank you for making this amazing “tea.” It’s a must-have in my house.

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Turmeric Ginger
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