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May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018

White Peony


Known as Bai Mu Dan in China, this very popular organic white tea represents a mixture of delicate buds and whole tea leaves. It has a mild vegetal flavor accented with sweet floral notes.

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White Peony is harvested from the same cultivar (variety) of the tea plant as famed Silver Needle, but has a much fuller flavor.  It is used as the base for several of our white tea blends, such as Concord Currant, White Coconut Dulce, Sucre and Blueberry Mountain Sunrise.

White tea differs from various other types of tea in that it is less processed.  It comes from the same Camellia Sinensis plant as all other tea; however, the leaves are not manipulated to encourage oxidation (as with oolongs and black teas), nor are they heated to prevent oxidation (as with green teas).  White tea is simply withered to remove the moisture from the leaves and then dried to remove any remaining humidity not eliminated during the withering process.  Loose leaf white tea represents tea in its most natural, unaltered state.

 Tea is an incredibly low calorie drink, containing 1-2 calories per cup, because a vast majority of the proteins and carbohydrates present in the leaf are not water soluble.

Like all white teas, White Peony has a relatively subtle flavor profile and needs to be paired with an equally mild dish. Try serving White Peony with light poultry or seafood dishes, particularly ones with mild honey notes.

We recommend steeping White Peony for 1-2 minutes at 180°.

Ingredients: White tea.


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White Peony
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