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Florida Orange Blossom

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Organic/Fair Trade
Flavors of orange, tangerine and lime mingle with the sweet floral notes of osthmanthus flowers in this popular blend made with premium organic green tea.

Hot or iced, Florida Orange Blossom is extremely versatile. Try it with Savannah Bee Company’s Orange Blossom Honey.  You won’t regret it. On a hot day, Florida Orange Blossom conjures up images of iced tea served in tall glasses on the veranda. Try it with southern style chicken salad sandwiches or North Carolina style barbecue for a little taste of the American South.

Green teas have received a lot of attention lately due to the fact that they contain significant quantities of EGCG, a powerful antioxidant often linked to weight loss, prevention and management of diabetes and improved dental health.  Green teas have also been studied in conjunction with cancer prevention, increased lifespan, stress management, treatment of depression and lower blood pressure levels.  The results are incredibly promising; yet, much of the research is still very new and more studies are necessary before any significant conclusions can be drawn.

 The Orange Blossom has been the state flower of Florida since 1909.

We recommend steeping Florida Orange Blossom for 3 minutes at 175°.  It is slightly more forgiving than most green teas and can withstand a slightly longer steeping time.

Ingredients: Green tea, lemongrass, Osmanthus flowers, lemon myrtle, natural essential oils of orange, lime and tangerine.


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6 reviews for Florida Orange Blossom

  1. Stephanie

    Wow, I love this tea! I received it as a gift and it is so delicious. It is light, bright and beautiful. I love floral teas like jasmine pearls and this has a similar experience but the floral notes are more delicate than jasmine and it pairs so nicely with the citrus. I appreciate that it is more forgiving with its steeping than most green teas. I like the health benefits of green tea but “burn “ it a lot because I’m busy getting kids ready in the morning. I have not had the same problem with Florida Orange blossom. It is definitely on my short list of go to teas.

  2. Catarina Monteiro

    One of the best teas of my life!!! During our vacation in St. Petersburg we had breakfast in a bake shop (craft) that served this tea. I asked where I could buy and the lady recommended me the Tea House (Te Bella)…. wow… the place is super cool and cozy!!

  3. Ktty

    My mom, knowing my love of orange blossom and of tea, mentioned to me that she had seen this somewhere and I asked her to pick it up for me next time she saw it and send it to me in Colorado. What a treat. The scent of the tea is incredible, it’s heavily floral without being perfume-y. Some people aren’t into that, I definitely am. I drink tea with no milk, sugar, honey or anything added. The Florida Orange Blossom is a very soft, mild, green tea with a strong breeze from a blossoming tree, a gentle kiss of orange and a sweet, delicious lingering floral orange after taste. Seriously one of the best tea blends I’ve ever had. If there was a caffeine free version, I would drink it every day.

  4. Jeremy

    New formula changed for the worst. This used to be my favorite tea. Way too much lemongrass and not enough orange blossom like before. I even was warned when I purchased it that I should steep for 2mins 30 sec instead of 3 mins to help mitigate the lemon flavor. Unfortunately made no difference.

  5. Diane

    Try as I might, I could not detect any special flavor in this tea. I bought two ounces and kept using it till it was gone (for that price I sure wouldn’t waste it!), but every cup was a disappointment. I couldn’t taste anything more than ordinary (not very good) green tea with a bit of lemongrass. I was hoping for an orange blossom aroma and flavor.

  6. La

    Love love love this tea. Dear friend bought it for me as a gift. Best gift I had in awhile.

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Florida Orange Blossom
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