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Golden Dawn

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This tightly rolled oolong unfurls into lush large leaves, with an extremely full-bodied flavor. Deceptively bold, given it is a lighter oxidized oolong. Floral notes reminiscent of lilac and honeysuckle, with a rich, creamy finish. As a hot infusion cools, a light note of cinnamon lingers on the palate.

This tea is good for multiple infusions.

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Chinese in origin, this “green” oolong comes from Anxi County, Fujian Province. It comes from Huqui town, and the area is known for producing fragrant, nuanced teas.

We recommend steeping Golden Dawn for 3 minutes at 195°.

Ingredients: Oolong tea.


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1 review for Golden Dawn

  1. Wendy Sue L Matz

    Description was spot on. I added honey which brought out stronger notes of the honeysuckle.

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Golden Dawn
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