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November 13, 2019
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November 14, 2019

Jade Clouds and Mist (Yun Wu)


This elegant green tea should appeal to lovers of other traditional Chinese green teas such as Pi Lo Chun and Dragon Well.  It is effortlessly sweet, with a rich butter top note, mildly grassy, and a delicate cinnamon quality in the finish. Delightfully complex, but accessible for those just starting to dabble in traditional teas. 

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Our organic Jade Clouds and Mist, known traditionally as Yun Wu, is a famous green tea that originates from the Jiangxi province in eastern China. It is now grown throughout China, and our batch comes from Mijiang County, Hunan Province, a province famous for teas such as Silver Needle (Yinzhen).

We recommend steeping Jade Clouds and Mist for 3 minutes at 180°.

Ingredients: Green tea.


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Jade Clouds and Mist (Yun Wu)
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