April 2, 2019
Peppermint Leaf
April 2, 2019



Premium grade organic French lavender. Our dried lavender blossoms have a round, sweet flavor, with subtle hints of citrus and rosemary. Lavender on its own is quite potent, so we recommend using it as a unique addition to many of our favorite teas when you want an extra floral note or to kick up the relaxation factor of one of our caffeine-free blends.

We like to experiment with adding a pinch of lavender to blends such as our Chamomile, Limoncello, Vanilla Bean Green, or even plain spearmint leaf.

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We recommend steeping Lavender for 5 minutes at 208°.  Since it does not contain any portion of the tea plant, Lavender is very forgiving and difficult to over-steep.

Ingredients: Lavender blossoms.


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