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Lychee Pear Oolong


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A fruity blend of Chinese oolong Bai Ya Qi Lan, pear, and lychee.  The heady aroma of lychee gives way to bold pear notes and subtle undertones of orchid. Smooth and elegant, this is an elevated cup of tea whether you enjoy it hot or iced. Add a touch of agave or honey to heighten the pear flavor.

This tea is good for multiple infusions.

The base tea for this blend is a Chinese oolong known as Bai Ya Qi Lan. Produced in Pinghe County of South Fujian, it is one of the four famous teas of Fujian Province. Similar to another famous Fuijan tea, Ti Kwan Yin, it is lightly oxidized and tightly rolled. This tea is smooth and full-bodied with a characteristic fragrant orchid flavor. That floral quality pairs wonderfully with fruit flavors. Good for multiple infusions.

We recommend steeping Lychee Pear Oolong for 3 minutes at 195°.

Ingredients: Oolong tea, organic lemon peel, flavoring.



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Lychee Pear Oolong
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