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September 29, 2018
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March 6, 2020
By Erin Dickerson

As a totally biased Florida native and lover of all things flora and fauna, there is no better place on earth than Central Florida during springtime. The cool mornings that melt into balmy, sun-filled afternoons, butterflies emerging from their scattered cocoons, and the smells of honeysuckle and orange blossoms drifting on the breeze…

It is truly one of my most favorite times of year in the Sunshine State. And what's more, it's also the season for refreshingly delicate and floral iced teas. Thank goodness we have a wide range of seasonal favorites to keep me hydrated and happy as the days begin to warm!
For me, springtime would not be complete without our Florida Orange Blossom green tea. This blend is a simple, yet sophisticated medley of lemongrass, osmanthus, tangerine, and lime, and is my go-to tea for cold brewing. There’s nothing better than returning from a long bike ride around the Historic Old Northeast neighborhood of St. Pete to an awaiting pitcher of cold, citrusy Florida Orange Blossom in the fridge.

While I love my floral teas, I also like to get a little fruity in preparation for the hot summer days to come. I look no further than our herbal homage to a sparkling favorite, Strawberry Rosé. All of the fun without the worry of a hangover, it is a well-balanced blend of strawberry, elderberry, and rose petals that tricks the palate into believing it’s just indulged in a light and crisp Provence Rosé.

Fragrant with a subtle sweetness, notes of apple blend together with a refreshing hint of citrus and melon, creating a well-balanced blend that hits the sweet spot of just fruity and floral enough. It is an ideal refreshment for a spring picnic.

To round out my springtime favorites, I have to go with the perennial tea time showstopper: Peach Aurora. This blooming tea is the perfect pièce de résistance for any kind of get together. Peach Aurora is, dare I say it, the most beautiful tea on the wall at TeBella Tea.

Each ball of tea is comprised of premium silver needle buds that have been painstakingly handwoven into intricate miniature blossoms; this white tea literally blooms while steeping, gradually revealing a delicate chain of jasmine flowers that have been tied together, and connected to a striking pink amaranth blossom.

Not only is Peach Aurora visually striking, it tastes as good as it looks; succulent peach and jasmine blend together for a lush, indulgent cup of tea. Best served in a glass pot or pitcher as an interactive centerpiece, guests will be fascinated as they watch the this unique tea unfurl and bloom as it steeps.

Needless to say, I could go on for hours about springtime in Florida and the teas that make each day more magical than the last. While I focused on floral teas for this blog post, there is truly a tea for every facet of spring.

Sometimes the best way to fully experience the season is to simply put the kettle on and sip the season one cup of tea at a time. Sip The Season: it’s the new “taste the rainbow.” (Don’t sue us, Skittles!)

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