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Apple Cinnamon

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Sweet meets savory in this delectable combination of apples, cinnamon and roasted almonds.   A popular caffeine-free blend with an intoxicating aroma and an intense flavor profile.

Please note that this blend contains nuts (almonds)

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Our Apple Cinnamon is one of our most popular herbal blends, particularly during the fall and winter seasons.  It is a definite crowd pleaser and a great choice for kids. Apple Cinnamon is the perfect choice to accompany Thanksgiving dinner.  It pairs beautifully with traditional favorites like turkey, sweet potatoes and apple pie.

Although herbal infusions are often incorrectly referred to as teas, they do not actually contain any portion of the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis).  An herbal, by definition, does not contain any tea.  That is what allows it to be naturally caffeine free.  Herbal blends are made up of fruit, botanicals, spices and herbs. They can also be called tisanes.

We recommend steeping Apple Cinnamon for 5 minutes at 208°. Since Apple Cinnamon contains no actual tea it is more forgiving and difficult to over-steep.

Ingredients: Apple pieces, almonds, cinnamon, beetroot pieces, flavoring. Contains nuts.


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2 reviews for Apple Cinnamon

  1. Lori Tomlinson

    Tastes like my grandmother’s apple pie.

  2. Emily L

    Absolutely love this fun tea!

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Apple Cinnamon
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