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Hibiscus is a bold herbal infusion that is rather tart on its own. It tastes similar to cranberry. Hibiscus is also high in antioxidants and may lower blood pressure and improve liver health.

Try it straight up, or add a pinch to one of your favorite floral teas for a whole new flavor profile.  It also makes a great simple syrup to add to cocktails or sparkling drinks!

Hibiscus is an herbal ingredient, when steeped it produces a deep red infusion and has a rather tart flavor. It is often blended with fruits, botanicals, or candied fruit to soften hibiscus’s tartness. If desired, its cranberry-like flavor is easily tamed by the addition of honey or raw sugar. Try sweetening it with our German Rock Sugar.

A 2008 study conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture determined that hibiscus may lower blood pressure in pre-hypertensive or mildly hypertensive adults.

Hibiscus pairs extremely well with champagne, tequila, vodka, or sparkling water to make a deliciously bold cocktail or sparkling tea. Use equal parts hibiscus and sugar or agave to make a simple syrup and add it to your favorite margarita recipe!

We recommend steeping Hibiscus for 5 minutes at 208°.  Since it does not contain any portion of the tea plant, hibiscus will not burn if you oversteep it, but the tart flavor will continue to intensify.

Ingredients: Hibiscus.


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